Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Oppose the Anti-Smacking Legislation

a *theoretical* ethical ideal approach DOES rule out physical force generally other than in life-threatening situations....much better to be able to reason with your kid using calm language and logic. This is usually possible with my daughter, she HATES loud voices or smacks, she crumples like a puppy pissing itself and falling over, it's next to useless, counter-productive. So she does her five-year-old best to honor the 'let's talk about it' approach, but is sometimes incapable of respecting the limits, that's great! kids should push the limits, it's the ravishes of the adult environment that cause people to have short fuses.
What really guts me is that THESE NAUSEATING PEOPLE who believe wholeheartedly that they are in a position to pass moral judgement on other people who are getting on with their lives, whatever life that might be.
If they were dealing with poverty, education and unemployement, most social problems (symptoms of social breakdown) would disappear over a decade of steady improvement in living standards for EVERYONE.
Instead they give us this pathetic nonsense.
Unopposed, it is a victory for the IDEA that we can be dictated to by these reprehensible wealthy ponces.
It demonstrates that the once healthy "them and us" attitude amongst working class communities - against the police, employers, government - is well and truly dead.
It demonstrates that in the mind of the idle rich professinal politician, mouthpiece for the politically active wealthy classes, it is now safe to start testing the water for passing more and more draconian social legislation to control and diminish our expectations and lives.

Oppose the anti-smacking legislation! Take your children to the steps of Parliament and (pretend to )smack them in full public view! in front of the cameras! You might prefer to smack the child of someone who supports the bill - great!