Monday, September 14, 2009

Enjoy Global Warming While you can...

I had great hopes for the promise of global warming - long summers, bountiful plenty from my garden, beer, pool, sun.....alas for Al's romantic comedy...

The brutal mistress that is concrete reality knows no loyalty. Alas, Earth is now cooling and the sun gone to sleep.

If there is one positive outcome from the past two decades of focus on climate it has been vast investment in satellite monitoring and research. These are now bearing fruit - we measure the earth's temperature pretty well. And it's telling us that things are cooling down.

Funny that we're not hearing this in the media! It's a bit like the global warmers want it both ways - yell from the rooftops when it's warming up, suspiciously silent when the warming loses it's mojo.

Personally it's a shame. Me and millions of other sensible people would love a warmer climate.

In the meantime, paleo-climatology is still a fascinating science, and much more interesting than the predictable drivvle that comes out of the mouhts of Al-Gore-acolytes - simplistic nonesense.

I'm off outside for the last rays of the evening sun - maunder minimum here we come, little ice age perhaps?