Monday, May 21, 2007

Climate Change Will Be Considered A Joke In Five Years Time

With man made carbon dioxide only .12% of total greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, meteorologist Augie Auer argues we couldn't change the climate if we tried.

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There is an overwhelming consensus amongst consensus experts that the term consensus must be used repeatedly to keep them at the top of the pile of consensus commentators (a potentially lucrative place to be).
Amongst scientists there is a consensus that consensus doesn't make for good science. Especially where it is used IN PLACE OF good science.
There is also a consensus amongst GOOD scientists that formulating theories, experiment design and strategies to avoid bias and false positives/negatives are worthwhile best practices to adhere to - lest we reduce ourselves to quacks, psychics, homeopaths and the like.

Penn and Teller and James Randy and the like should surely be looking at this. I'd welcome some of their straight talking on this sorry subject.

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