Sunday, October 14, 2007

It's the Intellectual Climate, Stupid!

A Nobel Prize for Al Gore’s uninteresting, unremarkable science-fiction drama is hardly a surprise. The global power institutions are committed to the agenda and have added this polish to its authenticity – perhaps sincerely. Who could object?!

In the meantime, Global Warming nay-sayers, heretics and blasphemers, acolytes of rationality and scientific method will be counting another nail in the coffin of human thought, observing another moment of silence as we pass further under the shadow of this most gripping and least credible moral panic of the past century.

And what a chilling, Orwellian phenomenon –more so by the lack of any coordination behind the censorship and media bias. It sadly reflects our demoralised view of the world and our role in it. It demonstrates our predisposition to believe, as we are told, that we are the problem.

Al Gore, cynical bureaucrat, is set for life - USD$100,000 per appearance!

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